Attention All Drivers – 2018 Fuel Tax Reporting Changes

What is changing?

Fuel Tax is going to be calculated on a monthly basis automatically, whether your trip reports and fuel receipts have been turned in or not.

When will this take effect?

Beginning January 1, 2018.  Bennett is implementing a new software system that allows more automated processing of the monthly and quarterly filing of our road and fuel taxes.

How will this affect me?

You will NOT be affected if you run electronic logging devices/vehicle positioning hardware and buy fuel using Bennett-issued EFS cards.  The system is paperless and you will not notice any change to the current Electronic Fuel Tax System.

If you pay for fuel with cash or credit card or your electronic system fails causing you to use trip reports and you do not turn in receipts/reports within 7 days, you may see excessive fuel taxes deducted from your settlements.

What should I do?

To avoid excess fuel tax deductions…If your electronic system fails and/or you pay for fuel with cash or credit card you must submit your receipts or trip report within 7 working days after load delivery.

Why is this happening?

Bennett’s fuel tax is currently processed on a load basis. We await all paperwork before processing the load and charging your settlement. This leaves many loads in the system long after month-end causing inefficient manual processing. To ensure fuel tax is applied to all drivers in a timely manner, we have implemented a new software system that processes all loads completed within the prior month.

If paperwork (fuel receipts, trip reports) have not been submitted on a load:

  • System will calculate miles and tax based on the dispatched Origin & Destinations of loads
  • Estimated vehicle MPG will be used to calculate the state’s fuel and road taxes

Automatic Calculation Example

If you ran 100 miles in Pennsylvania and your estimated vehicle MPG is 5, the calculation would cost you the expense of 20 gallons at $ .747 = $14.94. This charge would be added to your monthly tax expense.

This may result in excessive tax being paid to the state. Once the month is closed, making changes is not possible. It is imperative that you submit all paperwork within the 7-day period after load delivery.

Who can I contact with questions?

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter. If you have any questions please contact the fuel tax department at 800.866.5500 xt7426.