August 2017 – Ace Doran Monthly Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that Fall is right around the corner! In the next several weeks Summer vacations will be wrapping up, schools will be back in session and football season will be kicking off. My oh my, where has the Summer gone? The good news is that our industry has the opportunity to experience three strong months in August, September and October before winter weather and the holidays begin to impact our business in November and December. As you know, in our business, as with most, it’s all about supply and demand. The current climate of increased freight demand, coupled with tightening truck capacity, will continue to cause upward pressure on freight rates. If we are doing our job as a carrier, this should result in more and better opportunities for all of you. As the December deadline for the federal mandate on ELD’s draws closer this will likely result in even greater capacity issues, creating even more opportunities for those who are ready to take advantage of them. Please be sure that you are one of them.

I would also like to ask that each of you pay particular attention to the Unsafe Driving messages that are being sent out each day. We believe in the importance of our Safety Culture and will continue to reinforce and grow it every day. We do this because we are interested in protecting you, your driving record, and the safety of the general public. We want to be sure that each of you are in a position to take advantage of what should be a very robust late Summer and Fall. Thank you again for all that you do.

Safe travels,
Jim Collins – President


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