Rolling Strong – Wellness Program

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Our Wellness Program for Drivers strives to empower you with lifetime knowledge and resources to help prevent and better manage health risks while being on the road. Today, our healthcare system is not delivering the personalized attention needed and is quick to medicate before teaching the lifestyle changes that could be beneficial. Rolling Strong’s Wellness Program tries to fill in that gap with one to one coaching, education, goal setting, health screenings, health challenges, tools and resources.

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On the Road to Health – Understanding Cholesterol

Understanding Cholesterol - May 2015When we hear the word ‘cholesterol’, the first thing that comes to mind for many drivers is, ‘Do I have a problem?’ It can be very confusing for many. Let’s clear up some of the cholesterol misunderstandings and explain the three parts. First, at normal levels, cholesterol actually is an important factor in making sure your body’s cells do their job. It is used to form cell membranes, covert Vitamin D in the skin and develop hormones.

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