Updated BME/ACE Unsafe Driving Violation Threshold

090806 - Cobb County - Cobb Police Officer Pete Jones uses a laser gun to target speeders on I75 in Cobb County. Today is a "100 days of Summer Heat" speed crackdown, launched by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. Participating police agencies are members of the Metro Atlanta Traffic Enforcement Network called "MATEN", and includes traffic enforcement agencies from DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, Fayette, Clayton and Henry Counties. Thur, Aug. 6, 2009. Bob Andres, bandres@ajc.com

Effective 9/21/2016

To: All Contractors and Drivers
From: Bennett/Ace Safety
Date: September 21, 2016

Due to our current situation with the unsafe basic we must make the following changes to our Bennett threshold policy regarding speeding violations. We are making the following changes to reduce the amount of unsafe violations before we reach the threshold level in CSA.

Any violations for speeding 6-10:

  • Driver will be required to install Elogs within fifteen day of receiving violation.
  • If driver is currently on Elogs and receives a 6-10 speeding violation- Driver will not be eligible for year-end safety bonus.

Speeding 11-14 violation:

  • Driver contract disqualification

Any two speeding violations within a twenty-four month period (regardless of speed)

  • Driver contract disqualification

**Also, effective immediately until December 1, 2016 any driver or contractor receiving a speeding violation for 6mph or over will be reviewed for contract disqualification.**

Randall Vernon