Rolling Strong – Wellness Program

Driver Fitness Only $3.80 A Month

Welcome Bennett Owner/Operators


Our Wellness Program for Drivers strives to empower you with lifetime knowledge and resources to help prevent and better manage health risks while being on the road. Today, our healthcare system is not delivering the personalized attention needed and is quick to medicate before teaching the lifestyle changes that could be beneficial. Rolling Strong’s Wellness Program tries to fill in that gap with one to one coaching, education, goal setting, health screenings, health challenges, tools and resources.

Know Your Numbers

Your truck has a warning light telling you when something is wrong and you need to get it serviced. If ignored, permanent damage could occur. Similarly, your Bio Numbers (Blood Pressure, Blood Sugars, BMI, Cholesterol) act as a dashboard monitor for your health, so its good to get them checked often!

  • Blood Pressure – learn what can elevate and lower BP
  • Pulse know – what is normal for you
  • Body Composition includes your Body Mass Index Weight & Height
  • Health Screening free once a month screenings for members
  • Telephonic Coaching free coaching is provided to help you learn simple healthy habits that can improve your Bio Numbers and reduce health risks

Bennett Owner/Operators Receive:

  • 1 x month free blood sugar screening. Clinic locations can be found on our mobile app
  • Telephonic CDL Wellness Coaching and 1:1 support create a wellness plan with healthy lifestyle goals
  • Educational Handouts, i.e. healthy eating ideas on the road, grocery shopping guide, restaurant nutritional facts
  • Driver rewards for achieving wellness goals Miles Walked and/or Weight loss: Hats, TShirts, Spa Certificates, Rolling Strong Jacket, Silver Belt Buckle
  • 10% discount nutritional and fitness products in our online store
  • Health and Fitness videos – a library on our mobile app and website
  • Discount DOT exams at partner locations
  • Discount Golds Gym membership at corporate locations

 Coachline: 1.888.589.5051

How To Enroll

Click here to read the results of the Wellness Survey

Click here to download the Enrollment Form

Click here to download the OnSite Readings Form

 For enrollment assistance: 800-866-5500 ext 7504

About Us

Rolling Strong is a Wellness Program dedicated to the Transportation Industry & Professional Drivers. Founded by Bob Perry who witnessed his father and brother, both professional truck drivers, face the challenges of being healthy while on the road. Bob’s mission is helping drivers change the statistic “as one of the unhealthiest occupations”. but we need your participation to do this.

Rolling Strong has a national network of Healthcare Providers and CDL Wellness Coaches to help you get healthy, stay healthy, meet DOT standards, and keep your job!


Your results are between you and the coach. We are simply here for you, the driver, to educate you on your personal health, offer ways you can improve your numbers, and help you stay a healthy professional driver.

We believe, in order to be safe, you must be well.