Improve Your Independent Trucking Business!

Brought to you by Bennett and ATBS

We’re excited to launch our new “Road2Success” series. This program is designed to get drivers, owner operators, and contractors in the Bennett Companies talking and thinking about their business. Our goal is to provide tools and insights to help you improve your independent trucking business.

January 16, 2018
“Creating a Profit Plan for the New Year”

The most successful drivers are the ones that are experts at running their business at a profit. We have partnered with ATBS to provide you with valuable information on how to setup your business for success.

A Profit Plan makes sure you can clearly see what’s required to make money, while keeping an eye on expenses. Mike Hosted from ATBS walks you through a simple step by step process to create and execute such a plan.
Road2Success Teleforum Replay

Coming in February
Join our second call-in discussion with ATBS about tax preparation for trucking professionals.