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For more than 40 years, Bennett has provided safe, efficient, quality solutions to our customers, and

our strong safety culture has made us an industry leader. Safety is our number one priority and is as

important to us as delivering your freight on time and claim free. As a result, Bennett International

Group and our affiliated companies recognize we have a moral obligation to our employees, customers,

contractors and the motoring public. We strive to be the safest motor carrier on the roadway, and we

have established a forward-thinking safety model that empowers our contractors and employees to find

proactive solutions.

Our safety culture includes:

We utilize CSA (Compliance Safety Accountability) as our on-road safety measurement system. We

continue to monitor and change any behavior that affects our business model and the safety of our

drivers and the motoring public.

Our emphasis on safety goes well beyond our transportation sector and into all of our divisions at Ben-

nett. From warehousing and manufactured buildings, to crane and rigging, all divisions meet or exceed

the safety guidelines for the industry. We are commited to compliance with OSHA (Occupation Safety

and Health Administration) and to being environmental friendly.

Safety is a priority and a core value

Driver CSA intervention program

Low accident ratio

600 + safety meetings yearly

Safe Driver Awards

Driver s CSA compliance portal