We Are Consistently Recognized by Multiple Industry Associations

Truckload Carrier’s Association – TCA

Bennett is a proud member of the Truckload Carrier’s Association (TCA), an exclusive organization dedicated to North America’s truckload motor carrier industry. TCA represents diverse carriers with a mission to enhance the industry’s ability to provide safe, high-quality transportation services. Bennett actively contributes to the industry by serving on the TCA Board of Directors, demonstrating a commitment to leadership and improvement.

TCA has awarded Bennett:

  • Best Fleet to Drive For (2019): Bennett Motor Express and Ace Doran Hauling & Rigging were among the Top 10 Large Fleets recognized as a 2019 Best Fleet to Drive For. This accolade highlights their driver-focused programs, fostering satisfaction and low turnover rates.
  • Highway Angel Recognition: Bennett DriveAway’s Denny Cattell and Dave Begley received TCA’s Highway Angel recognition for their selflessness in aiding fellow drivers in critical situations.
  • Fleet to Watch (2018): Bennett Motor Express was nominated for the 2018 Best Fleets to Drive For and selected as one of only five “Fleets to Watch,” showcasing their dedication to innovation and cultural values.

American Trucking Association – ATA

The Bennett Family of Companies proudly maintains its membership in The American Trucking Associations (ATA), the largest and most comprehensive national trade association within the trucking industry. As the authoritative voice of the trucking industry, ATA represents all facets of transportation championing research-driven policies that prioritize highway safety, security, environmental sustainability, and profitability. ATA’s dedication extends to guiding policymakers at all levels of government. Within ATA, members are actively engaged in various policy committees and numerous councils, conferences, and affiliated groups to support its members.

Notably, Alicia Echols, Director of Safety & Compliance at Bennett Heavy & Specialized (BHS), graduated from ATA’s LEAD ATA yearlong program. This achievement exemplifies Bennett’s commitment to to growth, collaboration, and leadership development within the Bennett Family of Companies and reflects the esteemed reputation of LEAD ATA in educating future leaders about the intricacies of the trucking industry, legislative processes, and advocacy efforts.

Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association – SC&RA

As an SC&RA member for 25 years, Bennett is dedicated to the importance of operating safely and representing the trucking and transportation industry with excellence.

SC&RA, an international trade association with over 1,400 members across 46 nations, supports its members in achieving safer and more efficient businesses. It does so by monitoring and influencing legislative and regulatory policies at both state and national levels and by conducting research on safety concerns and best business practices. Bennett actively contributes to SC&RA by serving on its board of directors, aligning with its mission to promote safety and efficiency in specialized operations.

Bennett’s commitment to safety and its long-standing association with SC&RA earned the Longevity Award for 25 Years, in recognition of its enduring support and dedication to the association and its mission.

The Bennett Family of Companies has consistently been recognized for its safety achievements by SC&RA over the years.  Awards received include:

  • SC&RA’s Fleet Safety Awards (2018, 2017, 2016, 015, 2014, 2013)
  • Lowest Accident Frequency Rate in Over 50 Million Miles 
  • Transportation Fleet Safety Improvement Award 
  • Transportation Zero Accidents Award (2018,2017, 2016) 

All of these association memberships and accolades showcase our commitment to fostering a culture of safety and regulatory compliance and emphasize our exceptional dedication to promoting safety within the specialized transportation industry.

Bennett’s Safety Advocacy in the Community 

The Bennett Family of Companies is deeply committed to advocating for the importance of safety within our community. Through various initiatives and events, we aim to raise awareness and educate individuals about the significance of safety in our daily lives.

One of our annual events, Back the Blue & First Responders Event hosted by BOSS, allows us to express gratitude to the local heroes who keep our community safe, including the Police and First Responders. This event serves as a platform to recognize and honor the dedicated individuals who prioritize safety on a daily basis.

Inspiring the next generation is a responsibility we cherish. We seize every opportunity to impart valuable safety lessons to young people. Our involvement in career days at local schools provides a platform to discuss the critical role of the trucking industry, driver appreciation, and the importance of safety professionals in transportation. We host “Bring Your Kids to Work” days, where we not only introduce children to the transportation industry but also emphasize the paramount role that safety, as our top priority, plays in our operations at Bennett.

Through these community engagements, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of safety and ensuring that safety remains a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, both now and for generations to come.

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