Experience Worry-Free Tow Away and RV Transportation

Bennett DriveAway provides comprehensive and reliable tow-away services for a range of trailers including travel, cargo, horse and utility trailers. With a team of highly experienced drivers and a network of terminals across the United States, we offer safe and timely delivery of your RVs and trailers anywhere in the US & Canada. Our services also include RV transportation with connections to fifth wheel or ball hitch, hauling of multiple units on specialized trailers, manufacturer-to-dealer and dealer-to-dealer transfers, and regular shipment status updates. Trust us for all your towing and RV delivery needs.

Let Bennett DriveAway Tackle Your Tow Away and RV Transportation Needs with Precision, Care and Safety

Bennett DriveAway is your partner for hassle-free trailer transportation. Safety, reliability, and excellent customer service are our top priorities. Trust in Bennett DriveAway’s skilled personnel and owner-operators to transport your recreational vehicle safely and on time. With an extensive network of terminals throughout the US and Canada, we guarantee the coverage you need. Our Pick-up Division ensures all your transport needs are met. We offer tow-away services for RV and cargo trailers including:

  • Travel trailers
  • Cargo trailers
  • Horse trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • 5th Wheel
  • Hitch ball
  • Pintle hitch units
  • Single pull and multi-unit shipments
  • Auctions – From and To
  • In-transit storage available
  • Canadian shipments
  • Regular status updates of your shipments

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Certifications & Associations

Bennett and its operating companies have established a reputation as reliable partners in transportation and logistics services. This success is backed by multiple certifications at the regional, national and international levels from municipal, state and federal regulatory agencies across North America. For customers, this means you can count on Bennett to deliver goods safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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