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Bennett’s Step-Deck Trucking Services Transport the World’s Most Important Vehicles

Every load is important to Bennett International Group, but Lenco’s hauls have added importance of being $500,000 armored vehicles used by first responders, police departments and government agencies worldwide.
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Bennett’s Step Deck Trucking Service Moves Vintage Bus

Mike Kennon never knows what to expect on a job. He has to be ready for anything. It goes with the territory of being an agent for Bennett Motor Express and coordinating some of the largest, heaviest and most complex loads on America’s highways.
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Bennett Heavy Haul Trucking Services Shine in Atlanta Airport Canopy Project

With 1,938 illuminated panels spanning the length of three football fields, the recently completed south canopy of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a sight to behold. The brilliant spectacle, which soars 73 feet above the domestic terminal at its highest point, captivates 75,000 travelers who pass beneath it daily as well as astronauts who pass over it in space.
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Taming a Big Blue Monster in Texas

It’s true that everything is bigger in Texas. The fact that it is 790 miles at its longest and 660 miles at its widest means you end up going the distance on almost any haul. And when it comes to the challenges, the largest of them are even larger here.
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Secured for Success

Ace Doran leverages open deck securement expertise in a challenging engine load.
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Hauling a Full Load of Farm Equipment in the Heartland

“Sometimes they buy so much stuff that you look like the Beverly Hillbillies going down the road,” Chad Marsh, a driver and agent for Ace Doran, a division of Bennett Motor Express, explains.
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