Bennett Heavy & Specialized: Leading the Way in Safe HAZMAT Trucking Services

With a renowned reputation as one of the safest companies in the industry, Bennett Heavy & Specialized is your trusted partner for transporting sensitive and regulated materials. Our decades of experience and expertise make us the preferred choice for commercial, Department of Defense, and Department of Energy customers. When it comes to hazardous materials, count on Bennett for secure and on-time deliveries that exceed industry standards.

Trusted Expertise in HAZMAT Transportation

Experience, Certifications, and Safety at Your Service

At Bennett Heavy & Specialized, we take pride in our decades of experience transporting sensitive and dangerous materials. Certified by the Department of Defense’s Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) and recognized as a National Tier 1 Carrier for the United States Department of Energy (DOE), our dedicated teams are experts in handling hazardous materials of all classes. Equipped with hazardous materials endorsements and extensive training, our drivers are fully compliant with the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). With a focus on safety, we offer customized logistics solutions and expedited transportation services, ensuring the secure delivery of your sensitive freight every time.

Comprehensive HAZMAT Trucking Services

Secure and Reliable Solutions in Hazardous Material Transport for Specialized Markets

From ammunition and explosives to nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, we have the knowledge and equipment to transport even the most delicate cargos. Our expertise extends across various industries, including aerospace, government, hazardous and radioactive materials, specialized services, and international logistics. Whether you require over-dimensional freight services or secure transportation for high-value materials, Bennett’s proven processes and dedicated team have you covered. We are your go-to partner for handling hazardous materials with the utmost care and precision. When it comes to sensitive freight, Bennett Heavy & Specialized are the experts in delivering peace of mind.

Secure HAZMAT Trucking Services

  • High Security Transport Services
  • Transportation Protective Services
  • Hazardous Materials Transport Services
  • Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E)
  • Expedited HAZMAT Transportation

Specialized Equipment

  • Company Power Units: 2017-2021 Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Kenworth Tractors
  • Open deck and Van trailers with HERO-compliant satellite tracking
  • Sprinters purpose-built for expedited shipping
  • Dromedaries for separated ammunition shipments

Security Cleared Driver Teams

  • Company and Owner Operator teams with security clearance
  • More than a decade of secure HAZMAT hauling experience
  • Focused on safety as the #1 priority
  • Patriotic pride in service of our military

Proven Process

  • Strict adherence to all government security standards
  • Stringent route planning, safety and supervision protocols
  • Omnitracs/GPS tracking
  • 24/7 staff to mitigate potential risks

DOE National Tier 1 Carrier

  • Transport of radioactive materials and waste
  • Hazardous Materials Safety Permit
  • Hazardous Materials Security Plan
  • Idaho National Laboratory and other facilities

Approved DOD Carrier

  • Constant Surveillance Service (CIS)
  • Dual-Driver Protective Service (DDP)
  • Extra Driver (EXD)
  • Protective Security Service (PSS)
  • Satellite Motor Surveillance Services (SNS)
  • Security Escort Vehicle (SEV)
  • DTTS Trailer Tracking Service (DCS)

Government Commodities Hauled

  • Aircraft Engines
  • Ambulance Trucks
  • Blackhawk Helicopters
  • Bradley Tanks
  • Cargo/Troop Carriers
  • FEMA Trailers
  • Howitzer Cannons

Equipment Offered:

  • Dry Van, Flatbed, RGNs (Removable Goose Necks), Side Kits, Step Decks, Twist Locks, Double Drops, Lowboys

Certifications & Associations

Bennett and its operating companies have established a reputation as reliable partners in transportation and logistics services. This success is backed by multiple certifications at the regional, national and international levels from municipal, state and federal regulatory agencies across North America. For customers, this means you can count on Bennett to deliver goods safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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