Taming a Big Blue Monster in Texas

Bennett’s recent mobile office unit haul had all the makings of an epic adventure.

It’s true that everything is bigger in Texas. The fact that it is 790 miles at its longest and 660 miles at its widest means you end up going the distance on almost any haul. And when it comes to the challenges, the largest of them are even larger here.

Such was the case for the Bennett team in hauling a 74’ by 14’ mobile office unit described by employees as the “Big Blue Monster.” Hauling mobile offices requires a special touch. With windows, pipes, wiring, furniture and more built into these units, potholes and sudden turns can be a home-wrecker. One of the biggest concerns is “racking”, when the trailer rocks back and forth after hitting a bump. Also, the extreme length of this big blue monster made turning it a great big challenge.

There were other non-physical considerations that also made for a hard haul. The shipper, a leader in mobile offices and homes, prides itself on its unsurpassed service and safety record. So slaying the giant was only part of the job. The office had to be delivered safely, quickly (it was for a busy oil company, after all) and with a Texas-style smile.

It’s best to take the safe route when slaying giants.

Bennett Driver, Billy Clark, is a mobile unit-hauling specialist. Immediately after showing up to the site and sizing up the giant, Clark went to work. During his safety inspection, he noticed that several of the unit’s eight axels had troublesome tires. Being a stickler for safety, he had them changed out. On a journey of 550 miles, he wouldn’t take a single chance.

Safety was a constant theme throughout the entire ride. All driving would take place during the day. Because escorts are not required in Texas, Clark drove alone at a nice-and-easy 50 mph or less the whole way. “I hate to say it, but at 50 or less, you’re everyone’s ‘favorite’ person. But I don’t let it get to me.” Clark says, “I’m just trying to get the job done, safely and to the best of my ability.”

At dusk, Clark went the distance to find a nice safe spot near a truck stop to park for the night, taking care to ensure the unit was secure and that other drivers could navigate around it safely. 

Taking the initiative Bennett-style.

Out on the road, Bennett drivers are in many ways the faces of the companies they serve. Oftentimes, truckers like Clark are the only link in the supply chain that has any person-to-person interaction with the buyer at all. So everything Bennett’s drivers do has to reflect the customer’s service commitment by delivering service that goes over and above.

When Clark arrived at the oil field, he had a prime opportunity to go over, above and then some for the customer. As he arrived with his load after traveling hundreds of miles, he realized no one was at the site to receive him or direct him where to drop the unit.

Rather than sitting on his hands, Clark picked up his smartphone and called the customer. Through a series of pictures, drawings and calculations they exchanged, the customer was able to direct Clark to where he should place the unit. “I went in and marked my measurements, staked it and then backed it up to where the stake was. I got it in line with another unit already there and I set it down right where it was supposed to be. Then I sent the gentleman pictures of it.” Clark said.

It was mission accomplished, and the virtual delivery was a first for Clark.

Mobile home heroics are equal parts preparation and perspiration.

Clark’s expertise and Peterbilt 386 provided the means for this successful haul. But mental capacity and muscle alone don’t tame big blue monsters. Clark had his home base at Bennett backing him.

Clark credits Bennett for clearing the road for success. “One thing with Bennett, they have a slogan that safety is priority one. And as far as I’ve seen, it’s not just something that they say. It’s something they actually live by.” he explains, “I’ve never been pushed. I’ve never been rushed. I mean, if you tell them that you don’t feel it’s safe…okay. I’ve never had anyone scream, yell, threaten, nothing.”

Meeting a business’s needs without missing a beat.

In our economy, companies grow real big, real fast. When they need space, they need it yesterday.

Keeping up with the speed of business in today’s world is no easy feat, especially when it involves moving over a thousand square feet of office 500 miles away in less than a day. But with a cool head and supportive team, Bennett International Group has proven you can move mountains—or in this case, blue monsters.

Bennett Truck Transport consistently brings safety best practices and our expertise to some of the largest and most complex over-the-road transports in the U.S. For more information on Bennett’s Modular Building Transport services, visit www.bennettig.com/service/manufactured-and-modular-building-transportation/

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