Safety is our #1 Priority

The Bennett Family of Companies prioritizes safety on the road through a comprehensive array of cutting-edge technologies and platforms. By harnessing these technologies, the Bennett Family of Companies ensures the safety of both its drivers and all road users, while enhancing operational efficiency and compliance with industry regulations.

Our technology-driven safety approach includes the following technology partners:

  • Motive
    Motive is an Automated Operations Platform that delivers unmatched value for fleets, providing greater control, deeper insights, and enhanced safety. An AI-powered, integrated platform helps users comply with industry rules and regulations, identify risks, automate driver coaching, improve visibility, and automate operations.
  • Samsara
    Samsara is an integrated platform that streamlines ELD compliance, improves driver safety, enhances customer service, lowers operating costs, and saves on insurance premiums through features like an easy-to-use Driver App, AI Dash Cams, Safety Reports, real-time GPS data, and driver coaching programs.
  • Omnitracs
    Omnitracs provides high-performance tools that leverage decades of transportation expertise and cutting-edge AI and machine learning to enhance video-based safety, data-driven efficiency, and driver satisfaction. Their integrated technology streamlines workflow, ensures compliance, and improves business performance through telematics-video convergence and route optimization.
  • Drivewyze
    Drivewyze enhances existing in-cab devices to streamline business operations, reduce delays, ensure driver safety, and reach business goals efficiently. Drivewyze solutions include North America’s largest weigh station bypass service, customizable location-based alerts, coaching tools, and innovative highway safety and transportation management delivery to save time, money and keep drivers happy. 
  • Idelic
    Idelic’s Safety Suite Platform, powered by AI and ML, empowers fleets to reduce crashes and losses by providing deep insights into driver behavior, helping fleets proactively address risk and retain top talent. Their predictive analytics and coaching solutions connect safety, operations, and driver teams, resulting in fleet-wide loss reduction and lower Total Cost of Risk (TCoR).
  • Lytx
    Lytx, the global leader in video safety and telematics, aids fleets in multiple industries to enhance safety and operational efficiencies. Their video solutions promote better driver performance, prioritize safety, reduce claims and incident related costs and litigations expenses, and optimize fleet operations for increased productivity.

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