Bennett Makes Splash at MATS with Remodeled 1977 Ford Bronco

April 27, 2017

If you attended the Mid America Trucking Show (MATS), you might’ve noticed hundreds of people walking around cooling themselves with emoji fans reflecting the Bennett and Ace Doran brands. If you followed the trail of fans, you would have ended up at the Bennett booth, where a constant throng of people crowded around a vehicle that was not a truck!

Bennett decided to go outside the box this year and display a historic Bronco in the booth instead of a truck. It sure drew the crowds!

This year, Bennett decided to get creative and display a 1977 remodeled Ford Bronco as part of its American theme. Bennett team members dressed in tactical shirts and raffled off an AR-15 that was attached to the Bronco during the show.  Bennett Motor Express CEO David Lowry inherited the originally bright red Bronco from his late father and renamed it “Dirt Road Posse.”

Have a look at a detailed tour of the Bronco with Mr. Lowry himself.

Bennett Never Misses a MATS

Hundreds of people walked around fanning themselves with Bennett’s emoji fans.

Every year, Bennett uses the show to reward its great drivers, by conducting a series of events including Driver Advisory Board meetings, safety meetings, and a “Very Important Driver” dinner party at Captain’s Quarters. Bennett also uses its booth in the West Wing to attract new owner operators to the fleet. The hope was that drivers would come to register to win the custom AR-15 (the only one of its kind ever given away at the show), and leave wanting to #truckhappy by becoming a part of the Bennett fleet.

Bennett’s Ace Doran division has also had a booth at MATS for decades, and this year unveiled a new booth display where they held a raffle for a complete camping outfit for two and high-end portable grill. Both companies see the event as a way to meet with drivers to share about Bennett and spend time with their drivers who attend the show.

Also at the show, Bennett was a proud sponsor of Women in Trucking Association’s “Salute to Women Behind the Wheel” celebration. Female owner and CEO of Bennett, Marcia G. Taylor, is a huge proponent of women’s advancement in the industry. Through a program called “Women in the Driver’s Seat” she encourages all of Bennett’s women drivers to become a member of Women in Trucking and attend the event.

Other MATS activities are highlighted in a mini-gallery below.

Download the Movementum Q2 2017 edition.

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