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October 2, 2017

Bennett drivers aren’t the only ones who take pride in what they do, working with the people of Bennett and being part of the Bennett family. Employees of the company also feel passionate about being a part of the company, including Noah Foulks, who works in contract relations assisting drivers with questions and issues they may have as they transition to Bennett. He has been with Bennett for three years and understands the importance of drivers in this industry, not only for the economy, but for the communities they serve as well.

Noah Foulks’ job at Bennett is to help keep drivers happy.

Noah acknowledges that many carriers might be relatively similar in terms of money to be made and the amount of freedom drivers may have. However, what sets Bennett drivers apart from the rest of the industry, he says, is that when you work here, you’re helping make a difference and “helping to change the world, so to speak.” He says it is part of his job to help drivers see that they are important and valued at Bennett, and to make sure they are taken care of. Noah also emphasizes that the impact drivers have on their communities and what they provide for the economy is a direct result of the loads they haul.

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“Driving for Bennett speaks to patriotism,” he says. “We haul everything from military equipment that’s helping protect our country, to air conditioning units that help buildings function so people can go to work, school, and live their lives. Additionally, a lot of the freight we haul is agricultural equipment, which actually helps provide food for people.”

Noah recently got to experience first-hand some of the fruits of labor from Bennett drivers when he attended a game at the newly finished Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

“We were one of the main carriers that moved steel from the manufacturers to the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium,” he says. “We had five or so trucks there throughout construction, helping move a lot of the freight. When I finally went to the game, it was very cool to see in person all the steel that we helped bring there. It was unbelievable. I just started taking pictures. It was cool to know we were a part of something so big in Atlanta that means so much to a lot of people.”

When asked about working directly with drivers, Noah had this to say: “We do make mistakes and we aren’t perfect, but we understand that our paychecks come from the drivers. We understand that we work for these drivers, and they are how everyone gets paid. At the end of the day, we go home if there are no drivers, so our job is to keep them happy. As a carrier, they are truly our greatest asset. This is a tough job and a tough industry, and I like to make sure drivers know, ‘You don’t join us, we join you.’”

If you’re looking to make the change and drive for Bennett, or if you’d just like more information, visit, or contact one of our recruiters at 888-712-3036!

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