Sandy Rogers – 2017 Recipient

June 26, 2018

2017 Bennett Woman Driver of Excellence Award Recipient

Sandy Rogers makes up one half of the “Rogers Duo,” a name she proudly shares with her husband and teammate, Bob Rogers. Sandy and Bob have been hauling government secured freight for Bennett for 9 years but have driven professionally for 36 years.

Like many husband and wife teams, Sandy manages the business side of their operations due to her impeccable attention to detail and smart business acumen. Her work ethic and dedication to Bennett is unmatched and she always works through problems and challenges in a highly professional manner.

Champions of learning and development initiatives, Sandy and her husband always volunteer to test out a new program or service when needed – they’ve even led the way on touting the benefits of using ELDs to other drivers (no small feat!) Sandy always goes out of her way to help others with questions about securing freight, installation access, or even just to offer friendly advice or conversation.

She’s always respectful and ensures her paperwork is complete and accurate at all times. Her commitment to God, her family, community and our country are exemplary. She is a true living representation of Bennett’s core values and we are so thankful for her loyalty and overwhelming support.

Sandy Rogers Tonasket, WA

Bennett Motor Express

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