5 Reasons to Lease Your Flatbed Truck with Bennett

October 23, 2017

By the time seasoned owner operators come to Bennett for flatbed trucking jobs, they’ve typically been promised the world at previous flatbed trucking companies, but were let down along the way. At Bennett, we make sure that doesn’t happen. We stick by our word, and by our drivers, which is why we’ve listed the 5 reasons owner operators should lease their flatbed truck with us. Check it out!

Bennett offers a variety of flatbed trucking opportunities for owner operators seeking to lease their trucks.

1. Our Family Culture

We know home time is important for owner operators, so when you’re out on the road and working with us, we still want you to feel as though you’re at home. Family culture isn’t just something we talk about at Bennett, or use to entice new drivers. It’s something we live and breathe every day. When owner operators decide to lease their flatbed trucks with us, it’s not just business. They’re joining the family.

Billy Tew, who drives for Bennett’s manufactured housing division, has been with Bennett for 15 years, and attributes our driver-focused culture to our very own CEO Marcia Taylor.

Billy says: “Mrs. Marcia impressed me when she helped me out while I was in need way back in 2008, and she continues to impress me today. When she walks into a room, there is something about her that stands out. She is very easy going, and she takes the time to really listen to drivers. If there is a problem, she will hear your side of the story, and make sure it’s resolved. She’ll then come back to you and ask how everything is going and see if there’s anything she needs to look into.”

Many times, flatbed drivers will come to Bennett specifically for this reason. Drivers Samuel McCutchen and his wife Margurette Mungro recently joined Bennett to haul government freight. When asked why they made the switch, they said,” We came to Bennett because we wanted to work for a company that supports drivers.”

They couldn’t have picked a more supportive company. From our CEO, to our recruiters and dispatchers, to our contract relations specialists, we make sure the people of Bennett have our drivers’ backs.

2. Flexibility for Drivers

With no forced dispatch, flatbed drivers at Bennett operate on their own terms. Through our mobile load board, they pick when and where they want to go. This kind of independence and freedom to make their own decisions is what leads many drivers to choose Bennett over another carrier.

Bennett Motor Express drivers Jessica and Chris Reece recently made the switch for this very reason. “We came to Bennett for the freedom,” says Jessica. “It is our truck and our trailer, so it’s our business to succeed or fail. Bennett supplies the tools to ensure we can do well, and it is up to us to use those tools. Those tools are not only the technology tools, but the wonderful Bennett family.”

Michael Durden, our learning and development specialist knows how important this freedom is for owner operators with an entrepreneurial spirit. He says, “Make the load board work for you. Figure out the lane you like at the right price, and create your own path.”

3. Financial Stability

At Bennett, we understand how important it is to get paid on time in this industry. How and when your income is disbursed can substantially impact your business. That’s why we offer same day pay for all of our contractors and drivers. We know this can make or break the decision for owner operators to lease their flatbed trucks at various companies.

This certainly was a decision-making factor for Jessica and Chris Reece. They said, “This year when the company we were with decided to stop paying in a timely manner, we looked into what else we could do. We decided that Bennett was a company we needed to consider.”

Cliff Heath, who has driven for 15 years in our manufactured housing division, said Bennett’s financial stability is a reason he’s stayed with Bennett this long. “Bennett is a good company all around,” he says. “You don’t have to worry about your money, that’s for sure, and that is important to me. I never have to worry about getting paid.”

4. Commitment to Safety

Our commitment to safety means that you stay safe, and your equipment stays in tip-top shape. Owner operators who lease their flatbed trucks with us are rewarded for keeping safety first, through our driver recognition programs. We know what it takes to go that extra mile, which is why we offer incentives for safe driving, clean road-side inspections and more.

We facilitate monthly all-company safety meetings to provide the latest updates on our safety culture, government regulations and to share best practices. Keeping drivers safe is a two-way street, and we make sure we do our part.

Donne Stumme, a driver for Bennett Drive Away, echoes this sentiment. “Safety is a TEAM effort. Bennett backs us up, and you can’t put a price on that.”

5. Patriotism

We love and support our country, and we make sure that is reflected in everything we do. From supporting our troops, to hauling for the military, we do anything we can to help make our country and our world a better place.

After recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma, when residents were fleeing Texas and Florida to get away from the danger, our drivers were driving right into the heart of the storm. Armed with relief supplies, they put their lives at risk to help those in need.

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, our employees contributed their time, money and talents around the clock to help with relief efforts. Charles Phillips, President of Bennett International Logistics, commended the entire Bennett team saying, “everyone is going the extra mile, including weekends and 24/7 operational support to ensure we achieve 100% mission success in support of FEMA and private contractors. We know how important availability, reliability and safety are to our customers. The team is focused and dedicated.”

We believe this speaks not only to our commitment to Bennett employees, but also our commitment to our country.

If you are tired of being disappointed at other flatbed trucking companies, consider leasing your truck with Bennett. Learn more about our owner operator flatbed jobs at drive4bme.com or call 888-712-3036.

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