Contract Logistics

Our Contract Logistics solutions are comprehensive, custom tailored, and flexible to your specific needs. As your 3PL partner, we design integrated, responsive solutions to meet your organization’s logistics requirements for yard management, rail support operations, warehousing, distribution, inventory management, packaging, manufacturing support, and transportation services. BDS is organized to provide managed services in one of our existing locations, in one or more of your plants and warehouses, or in a new location selected to meet strategic planning needs.

Inventory management, throughout operations or Kanban picking, can be run in BDS systems or in customer owned ERP, WMS, MES, or TMS systems. We presently operate in SAP with several valued customers.

Project Management

BDS operates within the energy sector, providing comprehensive support for new construction and refurbishment projects for major nuclear, oil, natural gas, and coal-fired power plants. Our dedicated Project Management team oversees the smooth flow of crucial components, offering material handling and transportation assistance. We take charge of the supply chain process, managing the journey from designated ocean ports to the final delivery at the construction site.

To achieve this, we establish strong connections with the port authority, stevedores, terminal operators, and inbound carriers, developing essential operating procedures and communication channels necessary to efficiently handle the material flow process. BDS carefully plans and implements the technology to facilitate inventory control, track & trace capabilities, reporting, and material visibility. By negotiating vital sub-contracts and deploying our on-site BDS staff and management team, we ensure all preparations are in place. Our top-notch project management ensures seamless coordination between component suppliers and the general contractor, overseeing the project through the completion of our assignment.


As part of the Bennett Family of Companies, we offer top-tier Transportation Services that include local truckload deliveries, shuttle transfers, and spotting services for customers. We offer a local delivery service that caters to customer’s destinations within 250 miles from a specific pickup location. Depending on the customer’s needs and volume, we can arrange this service as on-call or dedicated. We provide shuttle transfers between BDS warehouses and customer facilities, which may involve deliveries to our customer’s own clients. 

Our spotting services ensure the efficient movement of trailers in and out of dock doors and yard locations at customer facilities or BDS warehouses. BDS personnel can supervise these services, to manage inbound and outbound trailer traffic effectively, including management of “free times”, to avoid expensive detention charges.

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