Take Advantage of Bennett DriveAway Reliable & Cost-Effective Vehicle Transportation Solutions

Bennett DriveAway is your go-to partner for delivering vehicles and trailers safely and on time, offering reliable, cost-effective transportation solutions. Our dedicated team of experts supports you every step of the way with drivers, equipment and technology to handle your complex logistics needs. We are committed to keeping safety our top priority, providing the best service in the industry. We specialize in pickup and delivery of all classes of trucks, including tractors, cab and chassis, motorized RVs, utility trucks, emergency vehicles, school and transit buses, specialized equipment, and more.

Customized Vehicle Transportation Services Tailored to Your Logistics Needs

Bennett DriveAway services provide businesses with access to a large network of experienced heavy-duty pick-up and CDL-carrying, FMCSA-compliant professional drivers backed by a fully insured carrier. Our variety of power units, specialized trailers, and technology services provide you with full visibility into your shipment with the most cost-effective transport plan. 

Since 1986, Bennett DriveAway has managed deliveries for the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles and trailers, priding ourselves on integrity and safety in every move. Whether you need to move your product from the plant to the next point in your supply chain, a dealer, or you have events, trade shows or auctions, Bennett is your delivery logistics partner. Bennett DriveAway offers three distinct services that deliver commercial vehicles and trailers of all kinds safely and on time.

Bennett DriveAway Services

Executing over 70,000 deliveries per year, our team has the knowledge, technology, and experience to manage each and every shipment with the care and quality service you expect.

DriveAway Services

DOT-certified professional truck drivers drive your motorized vehicle.

RV Towaway Services

Expert contractors deliver utility trailers and RVs on heavy-duty pick-up trucks.

Power Only Trucking

Experienced owner-operators deliver your trailer assets, commercial semi-trailers, and equipment using the fifth wheel and pintle hook hitches.

Certifications & Associations

Bennett and its operating companies have established a reputation as reliable partners in transportation and logistics services. This success is backed by multiple certifications at the regional, national and international levels from municipal, state and federal regulatory agencies across North America. For customers, this means you can count on Bennett to deliver goods safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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