Specialized Government Logistics Services

Expert Logistics Solutions for Government Agencies

Bennett International Logistics provides reliable solutions for government agencies seeking to accomplish large-scale tasks while minimizing waste and inefficiencies.  

With a track record of successful partnerships with multiple government agencies spanning several decades, we have helped assemble nuclear power plants, facilitated emergency shipments of generators post-natural disasters, and transferred entire U.S. Army bases through the base realignment and closure (BRAC) process. Our government logistics experts and asset-based transportation resources are equipped to handle transportation projects of any scale, be it a long-planned project or a quick-moving operation.

We have always taken a “Mission First” approach to everything we do for a government agency. We provide practical and timely guidance with our lean methodology and extensive knowledge of government and military operating environments. Our experience in managing logistics for Fortune 500 companies informs our use of commercial best practices while keeping government budgets in mind. 

As our nation looks to revamp its infrastructure over the upcoming years, Bennett is well-positioned, with the specialized equipment and security clearances needed, to aid in both the planning and execution of complex projects, both locally and nationally.

Managed Transportation

To ensure future growth and stability, Bennett is your partner that comprehends the entire logistics life cycle, including IT systems, data management, customs laws, and international markets.

Integrating Resources and Technology to Support Complex Supply Chains

We provide best-in-class solutions for our customers with leading-edge TMS software, experienced logistics solutions experts, and transportation supply chain knowledge.

Bennett International Logistics will evaluate your company’s challenges, identify opportunities to optimize your transportation supply chain’s efficiency and design a customized solution that integrates resources and technology to manage complex supply chain processes and systems.

Clients often approach us seeking help when the solutions they’ve implemented, such as an outdated transportation management system (TMS) or interconnected spreadsheets, have failed to deliver desired results. In some cases, when a company lacks a TMS altogether, and seeks to reduce costs and improve transportation management efficiency.

We provide transportation solutions that meet a wide range of needs, including truckload and LTL shipping, refrigerated, dry van, specialized, heavy haul shipping, intermodal transportation, and more. We can manage your end-to-end logistics needs by helping you:

  • Get the best freight rates
  • Reduce empty miles
  • Fulfill backhauls
  • Manage inbound shipments
  • Reduce your overall transportation spend
  • Handle one-off lanes, locations, or multiple modes with complete visibility during the shipping process
  • Manage assets
  • Optimize advanced load
  • Manage orders

Customized Project Logistics

We provide a team of expert project managers equipped with the latest technology and industry insights to help you streamline your logistics operations and optimize your supply chain performance.

Customized Logistics Solutions for Your Complex Business Needs

Bennett International Logistics correctly analyzes your logistics challenges and business needs to provide a customized solution.

With our advanced transportation management system (TMS) and warehouse management system (WMS) technologies, we offer a collaborative approach to planning transportation projects that leverages real-time data and analytics to optimize efficiency and safety. Our team works closely with clients to navigate complex regulatory requirements and ensure compliance across all phases of the supply chain.

Our project logistics will help you:

  • Enable an information-driven supply chain through the development of visibility and knowledge management services
  • Reduce assets and improve financial returns
  • Drive operational excellence and consistency across all operations
  • Aid inventory control challenges to reduce network costs

With our extensive range of services and seasoned industry experts, we provide comprehensive solutions for all your logistics needs. Whether you require on-site coordination for unloading plate steel from an ocean vessel, support with truck mobilization, or expert management of complex intermodal transportation logistics, Bennett will ensure your goals and expectations are met or exceeded.

Our services include:

  • Gap analysis: current state vs. the desired state
  • Develop project scope, parameters, and constraints
  • Define and benchmark present conditions and operations processes
  • Define specific operational requirements and project exceptions
  • Evaluation of client expectations and technical requirements
  • Conception objectives and strategic goals design
  • Development of project budget
  • Defining supporting infrastructure needs
  • Detailed project organization and execution plan
  • Operation plans and identify support resources
  • Support vendor/service provider compliance and organization
  • Project management teams constructed and personnel requirements
  • Master timeline scheduling
  • Project communications systems
  • Implementation management support service with milestone definition
  • Project cost management and metrics management
  • Vendor/contractor audit payment processes
  • Post-project compliance and reporting

Over The Road Services

Through our network of over 90,000 carriers, our highly experienced Over the Road professionals create customized solutions that prioritize affordability without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

We can Haul Any Load

Count on us to haul any load, big or small, specialized freight or heavy haul we’ve got you covered.  

Since we began in the 1970s, Bennett International Logistics has been transporting heavy haul and specialized loads. Over the years, we’ve expanded our services to meet the diverse shipping needs of our customers. We now offer a wide range of services to manage all freight size levels, from small parcels to over-dimensional loads.

Our team of experienced professionals takes great care in managing your shipment at every step of the process, regardless of the nature of the cargo or the final destination. We prioritize your shipment to ensure it reaches its destination on time and within budget, leaving both you and your customers satisfied. Our large global network allows us to provide seamless services worldwide, ensuring that your shipment runs smoothly from start to finish.

Small Parcel

No package is too big or too small for Bennett. Whether you pack a full truckload or you need us to engineer a solution to ship your small parcels, we evaluate your needs and use our expertise to configure a plan that meets your business goals.


We are in the business of engineering customized solutions. No matter your freight size, we coordinate your less-than-truckload (LTL) and partial freight loads to meet your delivery schedule at a price you can afford.

Dry Van

With our extensive experience negotiating contracts, we know that not all dry van companies do a good job. We offer the expertise to identify and coordinate with the best quality companies that we know will deliver your goods on time wherever they need to go.

Temperature Controlled

From a full load to LTL, we can transport your goods at temperatures ranging from -20 to +90 degrees Fahrenheit and hold them at the temperature you specify. We strictly monitor every shipment and can provide expedited services as needed.

Expedited/Final Mile

Reaction time is everything with expedited shipments. We have the relationships and the expertise to make sure your shipment gets delivered as quickly as possible. We also coordinate final mile shipment needs, helping you find the highest-quality vendors.

Specialized/Heavy Haul

If you need to ship oversized items that can’t fit within a normal highway lane, our team of permit experts and transport logistics specialists can coordinate the load for you. No matter how complex the load, we have the expertise to haul it.

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