Toter Trucking Specialists

Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, business seeking additional space, or homeowner, you can rely on our expertise and extensive nationwide network. We can ensure your mobile home or commercial modular building arrives on time, safely, and in impeccable condition. Our professional driving force is highly experienced using purpose-built toters with all the safety equipment, including outrigger light bars, signage, and axle/tire storage. We meet the unique requirements of mobile building transports, from over-dimensional regulations to state-to-state permitting. We also consider the inspection and parking considerations needed for safe, on-time delivery. Our extensive cargo and liability insurance coverage safeguards your peace of mind.

Residential Manufactured Housing Transport

  • Timely movement of on-frame and factory-built structures.
  • HUD Code Housing in single, double, or triple wide configurations.
  • All major manufacturers in the industry.
  • State-to-State permitting included.

Tiny Homes/ Park Models Transport

  • Mobile homes under 400 sq ft. (500 sq. ft. in Florida).
  • Manufacturer-to-dealer, dealer-to-dealer, dealer-to-park.
  • Tradeshow/Auction Support.

Commercial Mobile Building Transport

  • Portable construction, sales and general purpose offices.
  • Classrooms and education trailers.
  • Oil field, petrochemical, and aerospace support facilities
  • On-site and factory pickup/deliver.

Commercial Modular Buildings Transport

  • Modular pre-fabricated components.
  • Standard and over-dimensional.
  • On-site and factory pick up/delivery.
  • Modular transport trailers available in northwestern United States.

Government Emergency Response

When disaster strikes, Bennett Truck Transport takes fast action to help you move the shelters needed to provide rapid response and relief.

  • On-site project management solutions for natural disasters, federal emergencies, and disaster recovery projects
  • First responder fleet equipment delivery.
  • Temporary shelter, office space storage building delivery.
  • Technology and tracking solutions.

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