Making Mercedes-Benz Stadium: One Truckload at a Time

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Bennett hauled nearly all of the 27,000 tons of steel that holds up the Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium – hailed as an “architectural wonder”. Over two and half years, a team of project managers, drivers and operations managers from Bennett Motor Express, Bennett International Logistics, and Bennett International Transport coordinated more than 4,000 loads of steel from 15 locations to 22 destinations. As an Atlanta-based logistics and transportation company, Bennett is proud to have been a part of a project that fosters our state’s civic and cultural pride for years to come.

Bennett contributed safe, reliable transport of structural steel for Mercedes-Benz StadiumCC BY 3.0

Get the Whole Story

We created an ebook to share the story about how the steel was shipped in and out of a laydown yard in Atlanta to fabrication shops across the Southeast and out West, and to the project site one truckload at a time without any serious safety incidents. Download the 21-page eBook for detailed descriptions about the project, the number of loads and how it was coordinated, illustrated by vibrant photos of the transportation project.

Want a Quick Overview?

We also created a four-minute video with narration, interviews of key projects managers, photos and footage of the project. Check it out below.

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