Did You Know? Bennett Houston More Than a Transport Heavy Haul Carrier Now

January 11, 2017

There’s no doubt that Bennett Motor Express (BME) Houston Terminal has built a solid reputation as a traditional flatbed and heavy haul transport carrier, but the buck does not stop there. That reputation has expanded over the past few years to include being known for the provision of seamless storage and distribution services in partnership with Bennett Distribution Services (BDS) –a warehousing and distribution division within the Bennett family of companies.

Bennett Houston staff members have worked hard to reconfigure their business model to adapt quickly to oil and gas industry changes.

As the oil and gas industry has experienced a temporary downturn in volumes of tubular products needing storage, Bennett Houston has taken on new capabilities in the project laydown and support programs in the Texas Gulf Coast region. BME’s partnership with BDS has enabled Bennett Houston to expand its project logistics capabilities by developing new services for staging, inventorying, loading and transporting modular and pre-fabricated liquid natural gas (LNG) pipe spools.

Today, Bennett Houston has completely reconfigured its business model to be able to adapt quickly to oil and gas industry changes and offer a breadth of flexible options depending on customer needs. Bennett Houston’s third-party asset-based logistics and transportation services provide the unique capabilities to support oil and gas construction projects, imported machinery staging and distribution, and imported steel and tubular inventory management and distribution systems.


  • A 27-acre stabilized break-bulk and containerized laydown and distribution facility conveniently located 5.3 miles from the Port of Houston break-bulk terminals, Jacinto Port, and the Manchester, Greensport, Care, Texas and other project terminals in Houston
  • A trucking fleet exceeding 150 Houston-based drivers with coverage from New Orleans to Brownsville for project coverage
  • A trailering fleet domiciled in with the following capabilities:
    • Flatbed trucks with drop and pick staging capabilities
    • A dedicated and trained oil and gas fleet to deliver expedited services to the oil well site
    • Step deck trailers to provide combination use of legal and 9-foot-6-inch high movements
    • Stretch flatbed and Nooteboom trailers up to 90 feet long with 3- and 4-axle weight capabilities
    • Specialized 3- to 6-axle open deck equipment for those heavy movements
    • Heavy haul trailer combinations
  • Material handling equipment with 60,000-pound (27.2 metric tons) lifting capacity with adjacent crane support facilities next door to assist and lift up to 250,000 pounds (113.4 metric tons)
  • Intermodal ocean and rail container transportation, unloading, load staging and trans-load services
  • Logistics management software with inventory, TMS and yard management capabilities that conform to project materials management requirements
  • An experienced TWIC, HSSE and safety-trained fleet to meet your site safety requirements with dedicated incidents-free reporting
  • Project logistics and transportation team committed to exceeding customer expectations
  • Commitment to financial investment in project equipment, facility and personnel needs to ensure timely delivery once the project is up and running

Project Support Services

  • Enhanced inventory management systems with product de-consolidation to SKU level with enhanced yard management and location systems
  • Internet-based inventory visibility
  • Fabrication and construction yard order pick and pack by SKU and expedited site delivery to keep the fabrication and construction process moving with an incredible delivery history
  • Constructed, specialized project reports that provide communication and coordination at a new level for our customers

If you would like to learn more about Bennett Houston’s unique and flexible capabilities, please contact Chad Gerfers or Ted Gaze by calling 281-441-1149.

A 40′ pipe spool skid is being prepared for stripping at Bennett’s Houston yard, one of the many capabilities now offered at this location.
After being stripped, loaded and secured, the skid is loaded onto a Bennett flatbed for final transportation and delivery to a job site.
Loaded containers are drayed from a local Houston port to our Bennett Houston facility for unloading, located near many ports.
This vessel is being transported on a 19-axle trailer from Tomball, TX to Ingleside, TX. The load is 60′ x 15′ x 19′ at 185,000 pounds.
A 75,000-pound electrical building has been loaded and secured at a manufacturing facility to be taken to an LNG refinery in Texas.
The electrical building is unloaded at an LNG refinery. The load is 55′ x 16′ x 15′. It was transported on a 9-axle trailer.
A generator is being moved on a dual lane from Freeport, TX to Mexico. The generator is 250′ long x 15′ wide x 14′ high at 260,000 pounds.
This vessel is being lifted onto a 19-axle trailer at a refinery in Missouri for transport. The vessel is 45′ x 14’6″ x 16′ at 174,000 pounds.

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