Hassle-Free General Freight Shipping For Even The Most Complex and Fragile Cargo

With our commitment to safety and efficiency, your cargo is in the best possible hands. Our diverse and specialized equipment guarantees we can handle any haul or fragile cargo with ease. Our experienced team of expert shipping consultants goes above and beyond to provide tailor-made solutions to streamline your shipment. For complex hauls, our logistics professionals provide hands-on support to ensure your freight shipment goes off without a hitch. However challenging your transport requirements may be, Bennett has the experience and equipment to get the job done right. Trust Bennett for an exceptional customer service experience that prioritizes your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Flatbed Hauling & Step Deck Trucking

Bennett’s flatbed hauling and step deck trucking services offer reliable, safe, and customizable transportation for any open deck freight, including specialized equipment and nuclear power plants, with a team of experienced drivers and project managers utilizing top-of-the-line technology we can handle any shipment.

Flatbed Hauling Services

You can count on our expertise and capacity to ship your flatbed trucking freight from 40,000 to 400,000 pounds. Leave the details to us. Our drivers know the ins and outs of strapping and chaining, the permit rules for interstate commerce, and the critical requirements for safe and secure shipments. We support you with tarping and binding services, on-site safety consultations, and top-of-the-line technology for tracking and managing your job, so you can stay on top of your most complicated shipments. Our nationwide fleet and network of over 200 agents and offices can handle any flatbed freight, both short-haul and long-haul, across the continental U.S. and Canada, safely, reliably, and on time.

Step Deck Trucking Services

We built our company on tough jobs, moving everything from aerospace equipment to nuclear power plants. So when you need to ship something a standard flatbed can’t handle, we’ve got you covered. Our national network of experienced drivers and skilled project managers have the tools and technology to get any step deck trucking freight where you need it, when you need it. Through our diverse fleet, we offer several open deck options, including step-deck trailers and specially designed portable loading ramps. No job is too complicated when the Bennett Family of Companies is on your side.

Dry Van Trucking Services

When your cargo demands the utmost protection from the elements and secure transportation, Bennett’s Dry Van Trucking Services are the solution you can rely on. Our state-of-the-art dry van trailers are designed to safeguard your goods, ensuring they arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Whether you’re shipping sensitive electronics, perishable goods, or any valuable cargo, our team of skilled drivers and logistics experts will provide the secure, climate-controlled transport you need. With a vast network spanning the continental U.S. and Canada, Bennett offers the flexibility and reliability required to meet your dry van freight needs, no matter the size or complexity. Discover the peace of mind that comes with our Dry Van Trucking Services and entrust your cargo to the experts at Bennett today.

Latest Case Studies

Bennett’s Step-Deck Trucking Services Transport the World’s Most Important Vehicles

Every load is important to Bennett International Group, but Lenco’s hauls have added importance of being $500,000 armored vehicles used by first responders, police departments and government agencies worldwide.
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Bennett’s Step Deck Trucking Service Moves Vintage Bus

Mike Kennon never knows what to expect on a job. He has to be ready for anything. It goes with the territory of being an agent for Bennett Motor Express and coordinating some of the largest, heaviest and most complex loads on America’s highways.
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Secured for Success

Ace Doran leverages open deck securement expertise in a challenging engine load.
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Hauling a Full Load of Farm Equipment in the Heartland

“Sometimes they buy so much stuff that you look like the Beverly Hillbillies going down the road,” Chad Marsh, a driver and agent for Ace Doran, a division of Bennett Motor Express, explains.
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Making Mercedes-Benz Stadium: One Truckload at a Time

Bennett hauled nearly all of the 27,000 tons of steel that holds up the Atlanta Falcons Mercedes-Benz Stadium – hailed as an “architectural wonder”. Over two and half years, a team of project managers, drivers and operations managers from Bennett Motor Express, Bennett International Logistics, and Bennett International Transport coordinated more than 4,000 loads of steel from 15 locations to 22 destinations. As an Atlanta-based logistics and transportation company, Bennett is proud to have been a part of a project that fosters our state’s civic and cultural pride for years to come.
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Ace Doran Helps Pioneer Cladding & Glazing Systems Navigate Complexities of Transporting Glass Panes to D.C.

Pioneer Cladding and Glazing Systems is proud that it can be a one-stop-shop for the unitized curtain wall and custom building facades that it designs and manufactures in partnership with architects, engineers and contractors. As part of its comprehensive service offerings, from scheduling, planning and managing resources to manufacturing, Pioneer also takes on the responsibility of installation and delivery.
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Certifications & Associations

Bennett and its operating companies have established a reputation as reliable partners in transportation and logistics services. This success is backed by multiple certifications at the regional, national and international levels from municipal, state and federal regulatory agencies across North America. For customers, this means you can count on Bennett to deliver goods safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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