Tips To Ace a Level One, Roadside Inspection

July 22, 2015

As a professional driver, have you ever had an officer of the Motor Carrier Compliance Division share with you firsthand what to expect during a level one, roadside inspection? On July 10, Joseph Teet, an officer with the Motor Carrier Compliance Division, paid a visit to Bennett International Group’s corporate office in McDonough, Georgia and did just that.

Teet said the goal of visiting with companies is to brief the drivers on safety issues and common violations as part of stressing driver professionalism and safety and to emphasize the importance of pre-trip inspections.

Should you be selected for a level one, roadside inspection, here are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • One of the most common violations found during level one inspections is oil leaks.

Teet’s Tip: Before every trip you will want to check the wheel wells for excess oil, and if you notice any residue, you’ll want to clean your engine exhaust. If the area is unclean, an officer will assume you have an oil leak.

  • Brakes are measured and then the vehicle is checked for cracked frames, leaky airlines, or cross members.

Teet’s Tip: Check all wells underneath your brakes for cracks, leaks, and anything else that looks out of place.

  • Level one inspections can be time consuming taking up an hour to complete.

Teet’s Tip: Be polite and courteous to the inspecting officer. Drivers who are rude and display a continuous attitude problem can be reported to their carriers immediately, often before the inspection is complete.

“The best thing I can tell the drivers is to have your hat in your hand because this is what I get paid to do and I understand you get paid to shift (those) gears,” he said. “Politeness and professionalism go a long way. You’ve got to remember you’re not just representing yourself, you’re representing the trucking company you work for. And if you’re not professional with me, how are you going to be with the customer expecting their shipment.”

If you are selected for a roadside level one inspection, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Be conscientious of your actions.
  • Wear your seatbelt at all times.
  • Avoid following too closely.
  • Maintain discipline with your cell phone use while driving.
  • Be careful and don’t speed.
  • Be polite during inspections.

“If we just kind of work together, we’ll be a happy couple and go our separate ways when we’re done,” Teet said.

Be sure to watch the video in its entirety for more details.

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